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Related article: Fer a gift that Brian knew it would be much more appreciate. One evening a few weeks after I put my ad in the newspaper, I I got a call from a woman named Eve. My first impression was given more than sure that my ad was very clear : I wanted a very elegant femme Pre -op TS as a birthday present for a very rich man, Eva and I have a No date for the next day to a cozy restaurant. ***** Finally, it was the big day had arrived. I told Brian I had to use a tuxedo for dinner that night without saying, however, at dinner n be and I would share with him. In the afternoon, the doorbell rang. Just as I expected it to Catering had ordered that I love. Once all the was in the fridge and the kitchen, I was in a round table in the master bedroom with a black tablecloth and candles, wine glasses and all works. This fact, I had enough time to prepare for a bubble bath my ​​beloved husband, who was due06th to reach 00 clock As Brian entered the house, put me to finish my frenchman full uniform with hat and apron with fishnet stockings and a variety of patent leather heels black. I greeted him at the door with a gentle reverence and turned to show myself. " You are beautiful my love," said Brian with his big eyes open. " Thank you my love, I replied. As you can see, I am your servant, and ight servant n. In fact, I have a bubble bath so that n in our bedroom. And I tell your birthday when you return when you put on your jacket. " left Brian more than curiosity for the gift he had prepared for him, , especially after reading in my special cleaning clothes, and stood up to our master bedroom in an instant. had a little time for the final touch to the start position in the room of our s, put the ice into the sea to the champagne is light n a candle and playing music soft romantic. As soon as Iobvious that our dear guests wore jewelry such as rings on every Lolita Tgp finger and toe, as s , and a large pearl anklet on her right foot and even larger pearl bracelets, neck while his Chinese with six rows of pearls covered and its heavy earrings almost touching his shoulders. Her makeup is not done too, but seductive and her lipstick was too dark brown. All these improved his curly brown chin - length red hair, freckles, his cheeks and beautiful green eyes. What a stunning beauty ! What happiness to offer such a beautiful gift I beloved husband ! ***** An hour later I was opening a bottle of champagne on special food for Lolita Tgp the room of Brian and I had her special birthday gift prepared. n curtsy glasses filled with humility before the Frenchman I was and I said that they serve food later at your request. This was not a surprise to me to see later, when he surrendered to a passionate kiss as I entered the room tor they serve the pub, ey fill their glasses of champagne. Brian and Eve were slow dancing, holding together... I imagined playing their tongues... and Eva dickclit always hard and stiff pressure, the 8 inch male rod Brian. My husband are fully maintained his newfound love her ass cheeks with big hands. When I returned to the kitchen, my heart pounding with excitement, and Lust me dizzy. I was so happy and so cool! After leaving my lovebird, which I thought was enough time to enjoy the his champagne, and the meal was finished, I returned to the room push my car. To my surprise, I saw that it was his lost time : they sat in a high backed upholstered chairs, Brian was naked and Eve, but had to keep their shoes and all his jewels , which were made ​​more attractive and sexy. that s had also maintained their pure nylon pants, and I realized that in the n crotch. theyhad a beautiful milk-white body with freckled skin. Eva Brian straddled his back and he was fucking his s pussy - ass angry. I could see her breasts jump with each beat cock my husband in his love hole. She had lowered his head in his shoulder and extended his right arm behind your head with the neck of the warehouse hand. I could hear their cries and moans of pleasure and admire lush beauty. I had to do everything possible to control my urge to join them, in turn wonderful act of love and accept myself with new and closing the door quiet for the rest only of the night. I came to another room to go downstairs at night and could not resist a me masturbating while in our perverse fantasies on the n three. ***** The next morning at 11, I called softly to the upper floor master bedroom. " Come," Brian said with a muffled voice. completely naked and my heart was pounding, I walked into the room that was filled perfume with a mixture of semen and sweat. Brian and Eve were on the bedding in a position almost innocent hug. " Honey, you approach me the wonderful gift," said Brian. I approached the huge bed and looked smiling and then naughtyly smiles. "Rhonda, my dear, said Eve, I wanted to say I had so much fun as a man offered a gift for you! Was a great pleasure for more of a task, while I do not charge you anything. is the n for the first time I liked it so I made my reputation, "girl" love work " " I, for one, said Brian, many well-known TS in my life, but still never a feminine, sexy and exciting as Eve. " having said that my husband and hardened About Eve, which became lies the back and sitting in her beautiful pink pussy ass -enter. n immediately spread their long legs and let out a soft lullaby when Brian excavated his manly tool in the ass to the hilt. Full of enthusiasm, love Wrapperd her legs around his waist to ensure that they remain in the same. " Rhonda, pleasssseeee... scrumptious, Eva said with a languid voice. I wish muchhhhh " You did not tell me twice! I knelt on the bed and started right away to lick and suck each of her toes adorned with cute brown painted rings, while Brian slowly into her vagina pump replacement. Could Eva gasps and groans heard will be taken care of so much love. While Eva feet worship, feet and legs with my lips and tongue soft could not have the perverse fantasy of our trio. But then I could not know what my beloved Brian had in mind would change my life forever... end of the first episode
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